Data Controls

License Type Data:

These are just some of the data fields that we track for you.

The License Manager™ system reacts to the features that you declare for any given License Type.  By modifying these features, you cause License Manager™ to react in different ways, allowing you to easily produce the documents you need.


License Class:  Business or Personal


Time Category:  Regular, Temporary, Provisional


Current Year


Multiple Fee Controls


License Prefix


10 License Text Boxes


Next License Number


3 License Heading Boxes


Multiple Date Controls: set Issued, Effective, and Expired Dates.  Provisional Licenses allow you to set the number of valid days for the issued license, and
LM calculates the Expiration.


Optional Tracking:




Tag data


Trade Name


Bond requirements


Business Description


Dog data, single or multiple


Pro-Rated Fee


Serialized Devices




Location Description


Officers / Partners


Event Description



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