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License Manager Print Documents

License Manager™ prepares License Documents for you in more than 15 formats.  LM can sign them for you, even print the Corporate Seal.

Print Images on any document




Photo id


City Logo




Corporate Seal


Digital Signature




Sheet Printing


License Manager™ prints a unique sheet license (standard 8.5 by 11) for each License Type. Print single licenses or print a batch.


Multiple-License Documents


Are your customers tired of papering the walls with licenses?
Our 3.6” multiple license format prints a one-line-per license document, up to 7 licenses per document, all continuous.  It’s formatted to slide right into a window envelope.


The 8.5 x 11 (full sized) multi-license prints almost 10 licenses per page, and includes Premises Descriptions, Single or Multiple Tag Nos, Quantities, Location Information, Cigarette Sales info, State ID, etc.


Wallet-sized Operator Licenses       


Print on a standard business-card form available at office supply stores.
Any single-fee license (Taxi Driver, Massage Therapist, etc., can be printed wallet-size.
Print Licensee’s photograph on the License


3.6” Operator Licenses


Print this 1/3 sized form, slip it into a window envelope,  and send it on its way.


3.6” Dog Licenses




8.5 x 11” envelopes
#10 Envelopes  -  Landscape or Portrait orientation


Serialized Tags


Print labels for devices that require serialized tags, such as amusement devices, weights & measures, vehicles, anything.

Other Printing Features:


User-defined ‘Given…’ statement


User-selected expiration statement:  Select from several date formats